Event Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation Insurance covers you for the expenses you may incur if the event you are holding or due to attend is cancelled, abandoned or postponed for unforeseeable reasons beyond your control. We arrange cancellation policies for most events.

Music events, especially outdoor ones in the UK, are sometimes cancelled or abandoned because of bad weather before an event, resulting in flooding or security issues. Your music event, concert or festival can be insured to cover the consequential costs of a cancellation.

Event cancellation insurance policies also include additional features for terrorism, extreme weather risks, such as volcanic ash preventing air travel, even communicable diseases, can all be covered.

Sports events such a marathon run, cycling race, football, golfing or most other sports events can be insured on one of our specialist event cancellation insurance policies for the expenses and lost revenue. This also includes the likely cost of re-arranging the event on a future date.

Associated to this, a Non-Appearance Insurance policy is a separate cover option that can be arranged when taking out your event cancellation cover. This will provide additional protection against the likely costs for when a key speaker or celebrity booked for the event fails to appear. For instance, you might have a key speaker for a conference, a singer at a concert, or special player at a sports event who at the last minute cannot attend. Our Non-Appearance Insurance policies will cover your potential lose.

If you are hosting or organising a music, sports or any other kind of public event in the future you should arrange Event Cancellation Insurance cover against any unforeseen delays, bad weather terrorist, violence or other possible disruptions that may cause the cancellation or abandonment of the event.

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