Prize Indemnity and Over Redemption Insurance

We arrange prize indemnity and over redemption insurance policies, giving organisations of all sizes the chance to pay exciting prizes, big rewards and incentives. Prize and incentive awards have become big business in recent times and by using our specialised insurance cover even the smallest company can offer exciting and potentially expensive awards.

Our specialist prize indemnity insurance policies are an ideal way to cover competition prizes where there is a mixture of skill and luck including:

Scratch card competitions

Golfing “Hole in One” competitions

Direct mail and online competitions

Games of chance at commercial public events

Lottery competitions

Sales competition coupons

Whilst terms apply, our prize indemnity and over redemption policies each pay the promoting policyholder for the cost of the awarded prize or sales coupon redeemed.

We will be pleased to discuss your competition prize, incentives or reward coupons to help you arrange insurance to cover your costs.

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